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What We Do

What We do

Preperation and Hebrew course for internationals

A range of programs for native Israelis and Hebrew speakers.

Programs designed for soldiers leaving their service

We've created an effective learning and training

environment for volunteers to become future soldiers;

strong mentally and physically.

Our Programs


70 years after near annihilation, Jews and Israel are still under attack. The missiles breaching our borders, the boycott, divest, and sanction movement spreading poison to homes abroad, and the berating of Israel in unjust, yellow journalism pushes our fight for peace onward. 


Every year, thousands of young, new immigrants, and volunteers fly to Israel and join young Israelis to fight in the IDF. 


Before their draft into the IDF, Mechinat Shachar takes our participants on a course to provide invaluable preparation for their service in the Israeli Defense Forces. Simulations of physical tryouts called gibushim and over-night hikes that mirror in-field exercies along with an intensive hebrew course is designed to slowly shape the volunteers into future soldiers; strong mentally and physcially. Journeys throughout Israel are created to teach the long history of the land, our country, and our people. We teach our participants about the IDF's units and connect them to soldiers already serving providing an important advantage before they are required to choose where they wish to serve.


The sole target of this program is to create the most effective learning and training environment for our participants. 

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Mechinat Shachar

Mikve Yisrael School

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