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Mechina Shahar takes young Israelis and fluent Hebrew speakers on a course to provide invaluable preparation for their service in the Israeli Defense Forces. Simulations of physical tryouts called gibushim and over-night hikes that mirror in-field exercies along with an intensive hebrew course is designed to slowly shape the volunteers into future soldiers; strong mentally and physcially. Journeys throughout Israel are created to teach the long history of the land, our country, and our people. We teach our participants about the IDF's units and connect them to soldiers already serving providing an important advantage before they are required to choose where they wish to serve.


Our participants are placed in one of three Shachar campuses in Israel: 

Nitzan, Mikve Yisrael, or Mevo Dotan

Shachar Nitzan



Address: Mashal Yotam, Nitzan 

Head of Mechina:  Hadar Shai


Tel: 052.290.5706






Address: Mikve Israel Holon School

Head of Mechina:  Yishai Dinner


Tel: 054.498.6018






Address: Mevo Dotan

Head of Mechina:  Sagai Sason


Tel: 054.345.1853




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