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Shachar was built on 5 pillars that we use to help teach our participants. Check out the pillars here.

Mechinat Shachar was founded by IDF special forces veterans, officers, and commanders. Their experiences range from the three branches of the military and cover the knowledge of over 2000 years of history in Israel. 


Each Mechina is made of its own staff. Click here to meet the teams.

5 Pillars of Shachar
Our Team

our team

Dana Malka


Educational Coordinator 



Uriel Eldad


Founder and CEO

Raphael Ben Naim


Executive Director of

Shachar and Zionist Activity


Yishai Cohen


Head of Recruitment and Other Programs

Yishai Dinner


Head of Mechina

Mikve Yisrael 




Sagai Sason


Head of Mechina

Mevo Dotan

Hadar Shai


Head of Mechina Nitzan




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